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Are you stuck?

Dear Fellow Journalers,

Are you stuck trying to wrap presents for the guys in your life? Designing cards and/or gift wrap for guys is a challenge at any time of the year. Luckily “there’s an app for that” -SERIOUSLY not! (At least I don’t think so)

Anyway, I checked into some sites and found that actually the holiday color trends of the season are pretty straight forward and easily adaptable for guys.

One of the trends is getting back to nature. White, red, gold, silver and green will always be a part of Christmas decor. This year the muted hues of the forest take center stage.

So here’s what I’ve learned:

  • Bring Frosty the Snowman into the picture. I have always loved snowmen and try to make at least one card with snowmen (just ask one of my best friends).
  • Real foliage like pine cones and dark colored leaves.
  • Wood either painted or natural.
  • Holly -lots of holly
  • Plaid ribbon
  • The look of corduroy
  • Earthy colors.

See below for card and/or wrapping ideas.


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Getting wrapped up..

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Making your own designed wrapping paper and bags gives your present the “hand-made-by-me” look and says you cared enough to put your love and best wishes into your gift.

It’s easy to get started. All you need is ink (I use dye ink) rubber stamps, plain craft paper (measure first for fit) and permanent markers.

When I first started back in 1995, dye ink only came in the color black but now you can buy red, green, purple and a “gazillion” other colors.

Start with a theme. I usually use non-intricate images like stars, bells, candy canes, gingerbread boys, greetings. Ink up your stamps and stamp either in a coordinated fashion or haphazard way, whichever way you choose. You can also only stamp sentiments like Merry Christmas in a mixture or red and green ink. One Tip – make sure when you wrap your present that the images are right side up! One of the simplest ideas is to use pre-printed scrapbook paper for smaller gifts.

Bags are easy to make. You can emboss them with snowflake embossing folders and mount appropriate images on top, such as a giant snowflake, snowman, tree etc. I found out the hard way that those glossy type bags (from the dollar stores) really are glossy and don’t take to ink well. A plain lunch bags works just as well. Please follow the link below for a tutorial: q=christmas+gift+tags+make+your+own+with+rubber+stamps&&view=detail&mid=FD279C73BA00BABDB09DFD279C73BA00BABDB09D&FORM=VRDGAR

..and don’t forget the tags:


And lastly, if giving a bottle of wine use a bottle gift tag – like mine ( which are in sale!) this week. If interested, please email me.

 back of tag

Happy gift wrapping!


Adventures in Card-Making

Left-over Wrapping Paper

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Christmas-wrapping-paper     th-108

If you are like me, you probably have left-over wrapping paper “that is too pretty to throw out”. Maybe you have 1/2 of a roll or just a few scraps, but you are at your “wits end” as to what to do/how to  use it. You don’t think there really is enough to store it and besides there must be something you can do….

I have a few suggestions both for now and for next year.

a) Shred-it! Take the paper, fold it over on itself a few times until it fits within the width of your shredder and feed it through. Not only do you have instant confetti but you have packaging material.

b) Get out your pennant dies and make a banner.

c) With a wooden tray, some paper and some Modge Podge, you could line it and have a gift for next year or a party tray for your annual holiday open house.

d) Cut our images and glue onto cardstock for either background paper on instant cards.

e) Again, cut our images but glue onto die-cut tag shapes or index cards.

g) Use it in your scrapbook.

h) Make tile coasters with cheap dollar-store tiles and Modge Podge.

i) Make paper bead jewelry.

j) Make a bookmark and enclose it with a book for a gift.

k) Make place mats with Modge Podge. I used to do this with laminate sheets.

“Til next time,


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Adventures in Card-Making

Paper Adventures

Dear Fellow Crafters,          envelope-liners

Today’s topic is designing envelopes. I have been designing envelopes for years. I always felt that after spending time making the card, I needed to “jazz” the envelope to showcase the card. Here are some of the things I’ve done. They’re all relatively easy, as you probably have the stamps, die cuts and paper on your craft table already.

  •      If the card has a simple design, say balloons and a simple sentiment, stamp or hand-draw a balloon or other birthday image on the lower left corner of the envelope.
  •      If the card has a lot of embellishments, stamp or hand-write a similar image on the back flap.
  •      Sending a card to a child? Try using the “to and from” stamp set or stamp the name in letters.
  •      Change the envelope flap by using decorative cut scissors or your cutter. Most envelopes have enough paper on the flap to allow fancy cutting but if you go “overboard” just use glue to the edge or seal.
  •      Be sure the address is clearly visible through any design.
  •      The entire envelope design should be stamped in lighter colors so that the address and postmark are visible.

The most fun I have had is creating liners for the envelopes. This is really easy.

  1.      Place an open envelope over a piece of your liner paper. Use paper not cardstock. Wrapping paper works well too.
  2.      Trace around the flap and down the sides about 2″.
  3.      Trim the flap edge to fit inside the envelope and test fit the entire liner.
  4.      Glue  the edge of the envelope.

*****Important: Place the glue on the flap liner only. This keeps the envelope lining from buckling when the envelope is closed.


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