Ribbon on cards

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Ribbon adds an extra touch to card making to make them special and unique. Ribbon comes in a variety of colors and textures. I always find it interesting to browse through the aisles at the craft stores to see what’s new. The trick is how to adhere them to the cardstock.

The best way is to use adheshive-backed ribbon, but finding this type can be difficult. Other ways to adhere the ribbon are to use double-stick tape, xyron, book binding glue, glue dots and sewing buttons directly through the ribbon and card stock.

Here are some examples of ribbon cards:

Ribbon and buttonRibbon and card stock



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When I have time, I'l organize my _________________

Organize R-S

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Who doesn’t like ribbon? There are so many ways to use ribbon and so many ways to store it. I organized the small $1 decorative ribbon in plastic berry boxes by occasion/holiday. I took my larger spools and put them on a pants clothes hanger-on the back of a door. Some additional ideas are:

  •      Dedicate a drawer for ribbon storage. IKEA has a drawer organizer that is really useful.
  •      If you’re handy, you can build yourself a ribbon shelf and store the ribbon in it.
  •      Take a photo box and cut a slit on the side for each of the ribbons. Place the ribbon spools inside the box and thread the end of the ribbons thought the slit.
  •      Use a Mason Jar for storage.
  •      I absolutely love this idea. Take your ribbon scraps and roll each one around 2 fingers and clip them with clothes hangers. A large apothecary jar is a great holder.

Many crafters have used stencils over the years and have written about their storing them. Here are some that I found useful for my craft room.

1. Divide the stencils into several categories: patterns, basic shapes, borders, occasion/seasonal and templates. Put the brass stencils together with your die cutting embossing folders or Sizzix Thinlits.

2. Put the stencils on ring binders in 3-ring binders with pocket pages.

3. Hang the stencils on ring binders and attach to a wire shelf.

4. If storing in sheet protectors, put a blank sheet of paper on either side of the stencil so you know what it is.

5. Accordion file folders also can be used if you don’t have any binders or your shelving space is not usable.

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‘Til next time,


Fun and Easy Mason Jar Crafts

Fun and easy!


Dear Fellow Crafters,

Are you looking for a fun and easy craft? All you need for this Mason Jar Valentine can be found at your local craft store and put together in minutes.

Start by washing and drying (with a lint-free cloth) the mason jar. Using music designed paper, die cut several banners. Glue the banners to bakers twine. Take a small piece of green floral foam block (you can use Styrofoam if you wish) and glue onto the lid. Cover it with moss for a realistic look. Next, either go outside and look for a small branch or two or check the florist aisle in the craft store. Stick the branch into the block and tie the ends of the banners to the sticks.

Carefully place the mason jar onto the lid covering the branches. You can finish off the jar with ribbon, a colorful bow or embellishments. The tiles make a nice, personalized touch.

Voila! Done!

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Adventures in Card-Making

Adding ribbons to cards

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Ribbon is a wonderful material to add to handmade cards. The variety of widths, textures and colors make it possible to coordinate with any style card. Some ribbons even have adhesives already applied, making the attachment even easier.

One of the most common uses of ribbon on cards is tied bows and knots. Bows can be created by hand with the use of bow tying machines.

Some ideas to using ribbon include:

  •      Tying ribbon onto paper clips or create a tab by folding the ribbon in half and attaching under an element.
  •      A ribbon slider charm can be punched and  ribbon threaded through it.
  •      Pleat ribbon an attach to the card
  •      Cut a small slit in the folded edge spine of the card and slide the ribbon through and then around the card
  • Some types of ribbon determine the use on the card for instance: Grosgrain is normally used for most cards. Satin is used to tie wrapping paper packages. Velvet adds elegance and gingham is usually found in plaid colors and is casual in nature.

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Too Much Stuff!

Too much stuff-punches, ribbon, scissors

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Our topic this time is about punches, ribbon and scissors. Feel free to share!


Craft Punches

     Craft punches need a lot of space. I originally stuck them in a drawer, but then had to sort through the pile until I found the right one! In the end, I decided on several options based on their size:

  1. shallow drawer
  2. open shelves
  3. over-the-door clear plastic pocket organizer


     Ribbon is sold flat, in rolls (some with adhesive), and loose in bags. Depending on the color and type, there are several ways to store ribbon.

     1. Cabinet drawers (well-labeled if not see-through)

     2. For spooled ribbon  try rods for over the door storage

     3. Pants rack – slide the ribbon spools over the rod and hang.

     4. Small glass or plastic containers can hold snippets of left-over ribbon.

     5. Re-purposed fruit baskets


     Scissors are sold by type. There are decorative-edged scissors, paper scissors, shears, cuticle scissors (for detailed cutting).

     1. Tool caddy

     2. Hang on a pegboard

     3. painting rack

     4. Store straight and cuticle separately on your word table

     5. Label the decorative-edged scissors by type.

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