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Paper Flowers for Mom

Dear Fellow Crafters,

This Mother’s Day, since you can’t physically go to the store, why not make flowers for the Mom in your life.

By Jeanne Field and Tom Wallen on November 8, 2016

Give her just the boost she needs with a pretty paper flower bouquet adorned with words of encouragement on the leaves. These paper flowers can be crafted from card stock or recycled greeting cards, and they can be painted, or not. Each set of templates makes four flowers, so print more for a fuller bouquet. Once you get the hang of this simply stunning paper craft, vary the lengths of the stems and layer the flowers together in different combinations to give your bouquet a one-of-a-kind look.
Crafter level: Easy
Time needed: 1 hour

Several sheets card stock
Paints (we used a watercolor paint set for kids)
Small paintbrush
Paper plates or paper towels
White glue
Fine line permanent marker (optional)
Paper flower templates

Print the templates onto card stock and cut out the flowers, flower centers, leaves and stems. Repeat until you have as many as you need.

Paint the fronts of the flowers and flower centers in whatever colors you want. Let dry. Then flip the flowers over to paint the backs (No need to paint the backs of the flower centers). Let dry. Repeat painting process for the stems and leaves, using shades of green.

Once all the pieces are dry, you can begin assembling. Glue the flower centers to the middle of the flowers. Choose which flowers you want to layer together and glue them together at their centers, leaving the petals free to bend and shape separately. Let dry.

For the leaves: Write a cheery message on a leaf (optional). Then make a small angled cut where indicated on the leaf and lightly crease down the center, following the curve of the leaf. Repeat for all the leaves.

For the stems: Starting at the bottom, fold each stem in half a few inches at a time, up the length of the stem, following its curve, until you get to the top circle. Fold the top circle down to give the flower a base to attach to.

Glue the back centers of each flower to the circle base of a stem. Let dry. Then slip a leaf up the stem from the base. The angled cut on your leaf should slide easily up the stem and stay in place once you’ve got the height you want for the leaf. Add a dab of glue if it doesn’t stay in place. Let dry.

Add the finished flowers to your vase. Bend and shape some of the flower petals to give them a natural look.

fresh-cut-paper-flowers-bouquet-templates (1)







Adventures in Card-Making · Sentiments


Dear Fellow Crafters,

If you’ve been creating cards for a while and sending them to friends and family, they’ve probably begun to anticipate one of your “specials” each and every time there’s an occasion in their life. The challenge is, of course, is to surprise them with new and exciting techniques, embellishments, stamps etc. One of the ways I use to ensure that I don’t repeat my cards is to keep a record or photo of them. So what happens when you’re stuck with an idea for the inside of your cards?

There are several ideas that you can use to make the inside as special as the outside. One way is to write/stamp/die-cut your message on the left side of the card! Here are some other ideas:

1. Type up the greeting or stamp it and then cut it out and attach to a border. The paper can be coordinated with the colors of your focal point on the front of your card.

2. Use stickers. I especially like the ones that are printed in color and have clear adhesive.

3. Create a background of light hues of ink (dye) or marker around the greeting.

4. Continue the theme on the inside. For instance, if using clouds or butterflies on the front, stamp or die-cut some on the inside too.

5. Use some Flat embellishments.

6. Flat ribbon creates a special touch.

Mother’s Day Sentiments

1. A Grandma fills the world with love.

2.What do I wish for a Mom like you? Beauty that blossoms the whole day through!

3.Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

4.Because of you, I am me.

5. There are a thousand languages in the world. But a Mother’s smile speaks them all.