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Halloween Mason Jar

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Below is my tutorial on creating a spooky Halloween Mason Jar which I hope you enjoy.


You will need a large Mason Jar, preferably one without etching on the side. Also the following Sizzix die cuts: Ghost die set, Border fence, Haunted House, tree branch. A piece of Styrofoam cut in a circle to fit the bottom of the jar, Halloween themed ribbon, washi tape, black, light and dark brown card stock, white glitter paper.Also a battery powered votive candle and glue dots.

Cut a circle of black paper to fit atop the Styrofoam and using Styrofoam glue attach the paper. Set aside. Die cut the house out of the black paper, the fence of light brown, the tree out of dark brown and the two ghosts out of the glitter paper. Finally, glue a length of ribbon or Washi tape to the base of the votive and neck of jar. Put glue dots on the bottom of the base and slide the base into the jar. Set the fence around the outside of the base with the house and tree on top of the base. Position the ghosts on top of the house. Light the votive candle and enjoy!


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Mod Podge

Glow in the dark

Dear Fellow Crafters,

‘Tis the season for ghosts and goblins… and Mod Podge! I am not an expert with this formula so I bring it to you directly from their website:

October 2, 2016 by Amy

Learn all about the glow in the dark Mod Podge formula! Find out what it is, how to use it, and see some unique projects you can make.With Halloween right around the corner, I think there’s a very important decoupage formula we need to talk about: Glow in the Dark Mod Podge! Have you heard of it?! I’m always surprised to find out that this cool craft product is a mystery to a lot of people. And I’m here to take the mystery out of it. Because all it is my friends? It’s the same as basic Mod Podge – except it glows.

Yes, there’s no difference! You can use it as a glue, sealer, and finish. It was specifically developed to glow for kids’ projects and Halloween (and any other projects you want to use it for), and that’s the only difference. You can use it on the same surfaces and in the same way. You should apply about three – four coats for the best success, as well as charge in the sunlight. It *really* glows if you follow the directions.

Questions About Glow in the Dark Mod Podge
1. How is this formula different from “regular” Mod Podge? It’s not! It’s exactly the same base formula, just with luminescence added.

2. What type of surfaces can I use Mod Podge Glow in the Dark on? This formula can be applied directly onto all types of surfaces such as wood, tin, terra cotta, canvas, paper mache and glass / ceramics. It can be used alone or in combination with scrapbook papers, book pages, and other decoupage papers.

3. How should I apply this formula to my project? Stir Mod Podge glow in the dark gently prior to using.

Applying Mod Podge glow in the dark formula is the same as working with any of the other Mod Podge formulas. It is best brushed smoothly onto your crafting surface using either one of the Mod Podge brushes or a foam applicator.


4. How many coats do I need to apply? Mod Podge glow in the dark is best applied to a crafted surface in a minimum of three to four even applications allowing each coat to thoroughly dry before applying the next.

5. How can I make my Mod Podge project glow? The “glow” is best when the crafted surface has been “charged.” To charge your project, place the surface in direct sunlight or a high watt light source for a couple hours.

The more applications of glow in the dark Mod Podge and the longer your project is charged, the longer the glow will last. To recharge the glow, simply place your project in the bright light source again for a couple hours.

5. How should I care for my glowing project? A crafted surface using Mod Podge glow in the dark should be intended for decorative purposes only as it is not dishwasher or washing machine safe. To clean your project, wipe over using a damp soft cloth, do not fully immerse in water.

6. Can I use this formula outdoors? It’s not water-resistant or waterproof. So you would need to use a clear acrylic sealer on top that is made for outdoors.


Happy Crafting,




Mod Podge

Glow in the Dark – Mod Podge

Dear Fellow Crafters,

This month we will appropriately talk about using Mod Podge to make Halloween decor. The Glow in the Dark formula is a water-based glue that lives up to its name. It’s best used on light-colored surfaces. For best results use several coats, letting each layer dry about 15-20 minutes before applying another layer. Expose the finished project to a bright light for several hours.  To view a really neat project “Glow in the dark door hangers, check out




Adventures in Card-Making

Halloween Mason Jar

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Last summer I became addicted to mason jars. I drank lots of lemonade and sweet tea in them until one night the crafting light went on! What if I combined die cuts with mason jars?

I had heard of ModPodge of course but I have to admit that my early attempts were not pretty. I had tried to ModPodge (Matte finish) the outside of the jar and then adding the die cuts. My second try was to do the reverse on the inside – slightly better results. Finally I die cut the Sizzix images and glued them inside the jar! The jar is right side up – as opposed to other crafters who glue things onto the lid. I put a battery-powdered votive light inside and voila – Mason Jar Creations was born!

You can see more of my creations on Pinterest.

‘Til next time,


Halloween Mason Jar LuminaryView of the fence and ghostThe cover