Facebook and you

Dear Fellow Crafters,

It’s no secret that Facebook connects practically all of us. That being said, should it connect  your hand made business to “the world” also? I have been on Facebook for about 3years now and when I set up my business page I hadn’t a clue what I was doing. I so wish I had access to this video! Watch  and learn.


Adventures in Card-Making

Facebook Groups, websites, Blogs, Pinterest and U-tube!!

Dear Fellow Crafters,

If you’re into Facebook, then you know about Groups. Groups can be just as addicting as Pinterest pins. You can be scrolling along and then up pops this amazing video or card or idea and you are at once enthralled with the group. You can be overcome with joy for the moment but your personal page can be inundated with your Group Friends all willing to share their creation with you. So what’s a crafter to do? Share of course!

Below are some of the Groups I belong to. WARNING!! Don’t become addicted.

All Occasions Folder and Friends

Card Crafts and All Handmade Creations

Card Creations

Sizzix Die Cuts

Creative Expressions and Sue Wilson

Cardmaking Tips l l


Here are some websites to check out:


Here are blogs:



Happy Crafting,



Summer Trends

     Dear Fellow Crafters,

     The color trends this summer are bright and clean – paradise blues and yellows, summer green and white.

     Card making is still focused on stamping and die-cutting but Card Crafting (Shadow Boxes, step cards) seem to be catching on. One of the die cut companies that is feeding this new trend is Crafters Companion. Their unique designs fit almost any occasion and are eye-catching as well.

     Butterflies are too numerous to count and I recently bought a Darice swirl and butterfly embossing folder to use with my new punched butterflies.

     One of Face Book’s phenomenon for crafters features an “All Occasion folder” that was a freebie with the volume #122 of Paper Craft Essentials. Pinterest even has a category named “All Occasion Folder” under “That Folder”.

     Adult Coloring is a new trend and looks like it will be here to stay. There are numerous coloring books available, even in grocery stores! What I find interesting, is that rubber stampers have always had background stamps to color and now coloring books can be found in small 4”x5” sizes so we stamp crafters can use our colored pages for backgrounds. You can also cut out elements (flowers, trees, lighthouses etc.) for cards as well. Michael’s Craft Store also features wrapping paper and gift tags you can color!

‘Til next time,


Adventures in Card-Making

Why do some cards look better in person?

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Have you ever noticed that after you’ve made a card and are describing either your technique or colors used or even the images, that people say to you “just let me see it!”

Greeting cards are visual “treats’ for our eyes. Crafters appreciate the ribbon, glitter, embellishments far more than “regular” people. We see possibilities and think we can make something similar.

My husband has a hard picking out greeting cards for me. He says it’s not the sentiments (although some are what drives his purchase) that he looks for. He says that he is on the look out for those cards that I can get inspirations from – the ones that I can make. “Put that in your sample bin.” he’ll say after I have admired the card and thanked him. He knows he bought a winner.

Some cards can be photographed and put on face book or Pinterest and you can’t quite make out all of the details. Sometimes its the lighting or the position of the card. My brother once worked as a photographer for Ethan Allen Furniture Stores. He told me that the merchandisers went to great length to make the furniture arrangements appealing. They added slip covers, bowls of fruit and books to tables. They even set tables with glistening silverware.

When showcasing you cards, take a moment to visualize how your masterpiece looks to others. The smallest embellishment can make all the difference.

‘Til next time,


Adventures in Card-Making

Should I????

Dear Fellow Crafters,

I have a Very Dear Friend who often reminds me that she shoved me (kicking and screaming, by the way) into the 21st century – technology-wise. I had not really paid attention to computer lingo and virtually knew nothing beyond word! She would be surprised, I think, to know that I now teach blogging and to people!

So the idea of social media is not new. I joined LinkedIn several years ago when I was still working and joined Pinterest (which I absolutely love) last year. The idea of Facebook was just an idea – you know that lingering thought in your head (should I or not???) that we often store away to think about on a dreary day.

Well, now I am researching and getting confused. So I need your help and really would appreciate your comment/suggestions. You can comment to this post or email me at  Should I Facebook personally with mention of this blog and my journal blog or just create an account for my cards/journal. News Flash – I do not own a digital camera!! Another one of those technological things I never got around to buying! Pinterest announced that they are going to make pins buyable and all my cards are on Pinterest (lovesstamps) so I would not be setting up a business per se.

Any help would be appreciated!