Too Much Stuff!

Embellishments run amok!

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Have you ever been faced with this dilemma? You run out of some craft item, go to the store buy the item and THEN FIND THE ITEM IN YOUR CRAFT ROOM !

I finished my holiday crafting and was in the midst of breaking out Valentine’s Day items when I discovered I was out of self-adhesive heart gems. The thing was I could almost remember having some SOMEWHERE but drove myself crazy looking for them. I “sorta” remember putting them near my Apple Blossom embossing folders from Craft Stash’ Now, for those of you who wonder why, well,these are the folders with the “wave” in the middle.

Anyway, I finally found the gems in an unusual place and promptly decided to organize them to make them more visible and accessible. I originally wanted to use mason jars but the gems and pearls come with a pre-packaged piece of cardstock. So I used Ziploc bags color-coded of course.

Some ideas for you:

  • Staple the sets of embellishments to pieces of cardstock, divided by color and store them in a binder.
  • Store in Tupperware or frustrations by color.
  • Store in cd cases.


When I have time, I'l organize my _________________

Organizing- W-Z

Dear Fellow Crafters,

You knew the day would come when this popular series would end and today is the day. We have reached the last of these alphabetical tips.

wood mounted rubber stamps can be store on shelves, in clean VHS tape cases or plastic drawers.

X – it off! Celebrate each time you accomplish small things by crossing off  the things on your Craft To Do List.

Y – Whatever your organizational plan or style is, make it a system that works for you. Whether color-coding, sorting by theme, organizing by season or occasion, make sure that the system makes sense to the way you craft.

Z– Find a special antique box or basket to hold embellishments. These add zen to your collection of tools and supplies.

~Til next time,