Adventures in Card-Making

Too many

Is there such a thing as too many dies?

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Lately, I’ve been on a buying spree – I see it, I buy it!_Well, that’s not exactly true. My problem started with HSN. I was channel surfing one day and saw a Crafters Companion pitch for a new die (see below) and I had to buy them. Then I saw another video about envelope dies. Now, years ago, I used to make my own with nothing but a ruler, a pair of scissors and a glue stick. Who knew that those wonderful manufacturers actually made dies that took all the guess work out of it!

This time I was smart, at least I thought it was a smart move. I researched engaging, HSN, Sizzix and a couple of other sites. The problem was, the more I saw, the more I wanted and yes, I bought all told a dozen or more dies later. Still I don’t feel too bad – I rescued dies from a certain death of boredom and gave them a new home – MINE!


How I solved _______________

Gift shaped cards

Dear Fellow crafters,

I am really excited to share this post with you because I love presents! Yes, I know what you are thinking – who doesn’t love presents? Well, these “presents” are for shaping cards. You see, for as long as I have  been card creating, I have always tried to use different shapes for cards. I used to make pumpkin lace-up cards for my son’s class when he was in grade school. I made library return pockets for bookmarks and flowers in baskets and the list goes on. When I found a present rubber stamp with a “removable” lid I was soooo happy. So fast forward to 2016.

In issue 158 of Quick Cards  November 2016   there was a template for a present card. So I copied it and used it that year for my holiday cards. I was still on the hunt for something more permanent when I happened upon Crafters CompanionDie’sire Create a Card Accordion Card – Christmas Present Square Accordion Die.  It was great but I had to buy  an overlay also or stamp around the edges. It did make for an interesting card though.

The BEST present was a  Sizzix Dies Stephanie Barnard Framelits Fold-Its Gift which I found by accident while scrolling though Pinterest and I bought it that night! Finally, a die that can be made for all occasions with all different bow and paper colors. I am now in Crafting Heaven!

Happy crafting,



New Tools

Dear Fellow Crafters,

     After years of trying to make the correct sizes for matte cards and fed up with rising costs of pre-made folded cardstock, I finally broke down and bought a scoreboard. As usual, I researched the different ones out in the marketplace: ScorePal, Martha Stewarts’s Scoring Board, Crafters Companion Ultimate Tool.

     I first saw the Crafters Companion ScoreBoard while TV channel surfing and ultimately watched the demonstration on HSN. It all seemed so easy! But the cost seemed a tad too high. I searched my favorite on-line stores and “brick and mortar” and ultimately ordered and have since received Martha Stewart’s Scoring Board.

     What I like:     not overly big in size, 1/8” channels, stylus and envelope maker storage, crisp, clean lines, tutorial videos and finally price.

     What I didn’t like:  hardly anything so far!

‘Til next time,



To die for

To die cut

Dear Fellow Crafters,

In continuation from last week:

I also researched and yes, bought some new dies and folders. I always try to look for products that will help in ongoing projects so here are new die cut pics:

     Tattered Lace Large Numbers

     Crafters Companion Die sire edgeables:  Just for you, Thank you so much, Happy Anniversary

     Sizzix wine stem name label rose (thinlit die)

‘Til next week,


New Websites to visit

New web sites

Dear Fellow Crafters,

     This month I have been busy gathering ideas for new cards and came across a few web sites you should check out.

     Cardmakingandpapercraftcom (UK’s site)  (Craft Stash) (Coloring pages, crafts, holiday)  (Craft diy and handmade items)

‘Til next time,