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New Crafting Tools

Dear Fellow Crafter,

Every mofnth, it seems to me, a new gadget appears on the market begging us to buy it. “IT” promises to be the latest and greatest and cleaner ads which are strategically placed in TV ads or magazines try and convince us to spend our hard-earned money. While I totally understand all the logic, my crafting soul nags me into at least taking a peak. So here is my peak on the newest (read “must have”) crafting tools:



Essential Tools Part 3

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Part 3 of our series is here! Enjoy.


Piercing Tool: The English crafters call this a “pokey tool” because, well, it does resemble one. The tool is designed to pierce holes in paper to create a mosaic effect. Before Spellbinders designed the tool we all know and love, we used this one to remove the excess paper from dies.

Roll Away Tool: This tool, again designed by our friends from the UK, has a roller with a high-tack surface. Its sole purpose is to remove excess paper from dies and to keep the work surface clean We, in the US call it a lint tool.

Quilling Tool: A quilling tool aids in creating a coiled object, often a flower.

Scoring Board:  I bought one of these last year and really like it. The board has rulers along two edges that allow you to create accurate score lines for folding base cards. Some boards allow you to even create envelopes.

Stencil brush: This brush allows you to apply paint to stencils. The brush has short bristles so that any paint will not bleed under the stencil.

Tweezers: Perfect for applying small embellishments and to keep your fingers from burning when heat embossing card stock.



Adventures in Card-Making · tools

Learning a new language

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Learning a new language can be difficult. When I was a Sophomore in high school, I had to learn two languages – Latin and French. Latin was particularly hard for me. I never really associated the English meaning to the Latin equivalent.

Learning the basics of the language of Paper Crafting can be just as challenging. Here are some terms to help you get started:

  • Score – To create an indentation in the paper in order to have a crisp fold, usually accomplished with a stylus, bone folder or scoring tool.
  • Dashed Line – In sketches this usually refers to a fold line.
  • Solid Line – In sketches this usually refers to a fold line.
  • Landscape- Refers to card orientation similar to a picture of landscape or the horizon, longest measurement is horizontal.
  • Die-Cut – a shape that is cut using a die template and machine.
  • Heat Tool – High Heat blowing tool used to melt embossing powder on inked stamped images.
  • DTP – Direct to Paper – ink applied directly to paper.

To be continued!!