Adventures in Card-Making

Craft Fair Re-scheduled

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Little did I know, back in late October of 2017, that the craft/vendor fair I signed up for would be re-scheduled. I was ‘knee deep” in Christmas cards, planners, gift cards, ornaments and Mason Jar Luminaries. I had my signage ready, bought a festive table cloth, prices and hallmarks were done and the raffle gift made. I was set. AND THEN a snow/ice storm hit the state. The fair was re-scheduled to January!

Mild panic and depression set in. What was I going to do with all those Christmas cards etc.? I had enough cards to not only give to friends/family and sell for this year and next but cards for the year after. Luckily, I make cards for all occasions so the inventory was ok. After a few days I decided that I would go ahead with the fair in January (who wants to forfeit fees) and sell the Christmas “stuff” at 1/2 price nd feature some Valentine’s cards and other products. I turned to my Facebook group for advice on what to paint on my new signage. The members who responded were generous with their suggestions. I decided to make a sign of light blue with snowflakes on it. The words “snowflakes and prices are falling” was printed and some glittery die-cut snowflakes adorned the sign also.

At this point, mere days from the event, I can only shake my head and hope that the event turns out well. I’ll let you know.




Adventures in Card-Making

Update on Fair – Day 2

Dear Fellow Crafters,

So Day 2 started off very slowly. The organizers had free donuts and coffee for all vendors which was unexpected but very much appreciated. The pace picked up around 11:00-1pm but most were lookers UNTIL one lady rushed over to my table. She exclaimed how excited she was that I was there as she had bought some of my cards last year. She proceeded to buy $16 worth of Christmas cards for her family!  While she was sorting through my display, another lady bought a reindeer and sleigh tabletop piece I had made.

The pace really picked up and pretty soon, I had “made” my table fee again! I ended up with a sizeable profit and almost all my holiday cards sold. Now, I am sure you are wondering how I will ever remember what cards were sold – well, due to the incredible generous gift from a good friend, I have a digital camera. I had taken pictures of every holiday card in my inventory, so now all I have to do is match up those I still have and voila, I will have the ones that were sold!

To top off the day, I won a beautiful hand-knit lap blanket from the raffle held after the fair. Local merchants from the town as well as vendors had donated baskets of products (baseball cards, gift cards, a crock pot with recipe books etc.) for the raffle.

Another worthwhile crafting experience. My advice for picking a venue is pick one that is popular in the town, a good date, craft vendors not vendors like Pampered Chef, and one that attracts younger and older buyers.

Happy crafting season,


Adventures in Card-Making

Update on the fair

Dear Fellow Crafters,

One day in and I made my table fee!  Isn’t it interesting how we crafters feel about our creations? Our “babies” (cards, knitted caps and blankets, jewelry) sit on a table and are viewed by “strangers”. These strangers read buyers examine our creations and we hold our breaths. Will they like it? And if not, why not??

Then when they buy our creations, w say goodbye and hope they are going to a good home. Interesting…

Anyway, one more day…

For more about my crafting adventure see my craft fair adventure.



Getting ready for the craft fair

Dear Fellow Crafter,

For the past several months I’ve been crafting my heart out in preparation for the upcoming craft fair. This fair, which I participated in last year, is wildly popular and I made my table fee in just one hour last year. As I said last week, I started out with deciding what my inventory was and what categories needed to be “beefed up”. After some minutes, I determined that I needed more birthday, baby, thank you, anniversary, get well and Christmas cards.

Over the last year, I have acquired some new dies, stamps and papers and I definitely wanted to use them. I grabbed my magazines and started researching Pinterest  for ideas. Once I decided on the sketches, I got out my papers, dies, stamps and embellishments. After I made my newest cards from my previous “mistakes” I was ready to really begin.

Once I made the cards, I determined which ones needed sentiments. I don’t always make cards for sale without sentiments but sometimes you need to, for instance: special baby cards or sympathy cards. I use sentiments I have collected over the years. After printing them out, I have to cut them out and glue them onto background paper and then attach them to the cards. Some of the cards were stamped instead. I then stamped my hallmark on the backs of all the cards and priced them.

After cataloging the cards, I started paper crafting  – boxes, bags, tags etc. With only a few days to go, I got out my check list to check off items I would need to bring with me – change, table cover, calculator etc.  What I really like about preparing ahead of time is that I can now (almost) relax and enjoy my life.

Are any of you a craft vendor this  year? Write and tell us about your experiences.

Happy Crafting,