Cards I love to make

Dear Fellow Crafters,

When I first started making greeting cards, I didn’t focus on one occasion or one technique. I made cards for friends and family and then branched out to selling on a web site and displaying cards on Pinterest  –

I have to admit thought, that I do love crafting both Christmas and birthday cards. I’ve had some success with baby, Valentine  and Thank You cards but not much with sympathy or get well. The inhabitants of the paper crafting world (that’s all of you) are always on the lookout for the next best thing and that seems, at the moment to be coloring books for adults.

When I first starting coloring again last year, the thought occurred to me that the  pages should be made smaller to incorporate die-cut frames and stamps. Guess what! I have seen them on-line. The PaperWishes on-line catalog calls them Colorists.

The cards I love to make now consist of die cuts and stamps that appeal to the recipient. When making cards for family and friends I try to remember their likes. Two women friends love the color purple and one family member  loves anything nautical. My favorite cards to make are ultimately the ones that elicit the comments of “WOW!” and “how did you ever make this!”

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Adventures in Card-Making

Is it to early to plan Holiday cards?

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Creating holiday cards can be a daunting task but if you start early it can turn into a fun and rewarding experience. First you have to write down all the people you plan to send cards to. Next put the people into categories i.e. Jenny- religious theme, Bill- Holiday song, Aunt Nancy- snowflakes etc. Believe it or not, this part is easy!

Next decide what design you want. This is made easier if you have a sketch book or a folder of cards you have made in the past or cards you want to make now, or finally a collection of card making magazines. After you decide on the designs, you can then decide if you want to embellish or not. For instance, the first card on the left below  is a simple design. The one on the right is more complicated.

My advice is to take the original list and put down next to the name what kind of card you are going to make for them. You might find that 1/3 of the people will have holiday images and the rest are religious-themed cards. Now, you can make all the cards the same if you wish. However, if you are sending cards to co-workers, try to make the cards slightly different from each other. If you are going to add embellishments, go for paper buttons, brads, ribbons etc. Your wallet will thank you.

Depending on how many cards you need to make set up an assembly line. Don’t forget to decorate the inside of the cards and the envelopes and of course, your individual hallmark on the back. My advice is to print out the sentiments and glue onto die-cut labels and then Xyron them. Then you can just peel off the sentiment and your card is done.  Time how long it takes to make one card. Multiply that times the number of cards you must make. Then schedule on your planning calendar. When I worked, I started making cards in late October/early November and strived for 2-3 cards a day. Don’t be afraid of asking for help from your family. Children love to glue!

You can see more of my cards on

CC11-03 (Candle)_jpg  CC4  Bear in stocking

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Help! My card is too large for the envelope!!!

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Have you ever had this problem – you’ve made the card and now find that it doesn’t fit the envelope you have? Did you know that you can make your own? Here are the steps and I have a handy reference for the correct paper size you will need below.

  •  Measure your card. Refer to the chart below for the paper size.
  •  Cut your paper to the appropriate square.
  •  Place your card face down in the center of the square, angled to the left. You’ll be creating 4 triangles.
  •  Fold in the side flaps over the back of the card and crease close to the card edges.
  •  Fold up the bottom flap and crease. Use a bone folder for a crisp look.
  •  Carefully glue the bottom to the side edges where they overlap.
  •  Remove your card and write the info on the front of the envelope. Then reinserte your card, put a thin layer of glue stick on the flap sides and fold down and secure.

If your card is:                                                     Then use a:

5 3/4″ x 8 3/4″                                                   11 3/4″ square

6 1/4″ square                                                     9″

5 1/4″ square                                                     8″

5 1/4 x 4″                                                            7 1/4″

5: x 7 1/8″                                                           9 1/2″

3 1/4″ x 5 1/4″                                                     6 3/4″

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Adventures in Card-Making

Inked edges on cards

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Do you know how to make really neat stamped edges on cards? I admit that I tried this technique earlier in my rubber stamping days but my attempts only yielded a streaky mess. I have since perfected the technique. In the beginning I used the edge of the ink pad. That was too much ink!

The tool to use for this technique is blending tool with foam. Start with a little ink and move the blending tool in small, circular motions working from the edge inwards. You can also use the edge of a sponge.

No more messy edges!



Valentine’s Day Cards

I so love you
I so love youth-6

v10-3_heart of flowers

I love Ton
I love Ton

Just the two of usJust the two of us

Love my dog

V2012-A (275)

V2012-D (325)

v2012-d_limited edition-valentines day


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