Out of business

Dear Fellow Crafters,

When you see those words you generally think of retail outlets don’t you? You never expect that your favorite magazines are stopping publication! But that’s exactly what happened with two of my favorite craft magazines last month.

I have been a loyal subscriber to CardMaker since 2005. So you can imagine my dismay when I received a note from the editor informing me that they were closing publication due to being “unable to find enough loyal readers.” How sad is that! My remaining issues will be transitioned over to a magazine called “Country Sampler” – something I have never heard of.

So that was the first blow. Then the proverbial “shoe dropped” with the announcement that Quick Cards was also closing publication! The remaining issues will be transitioned over to a magazine called “Paper Craft Inspirations”. Interestingly, I subscribe on-line to this one! So all is not lost. It’s just sad. I have a feeling that American crafters have decided that British (UK) magazines are wholly better and forsaken, in some cases, the magazines which fueled their creativity in the first place. It’s extremely expensive to print a publication these days. There’s content, advertisers. printing costs etc. that have to be managed. While I love the free gifts that many of the UK-based magazines provide, readers should remember that the cost to produce their “freebies” are included in the cost of publication. Then of course, there’s the cost of shipping and the wait time. For instance, I received my last Christmas issue of Quick Cards 5 days after Christmas.

It will be a change for me to receive new publications and I suspect, many crafters will feel the same. I can only hope that the editors and staff of both these magazines will find new employment and creative environments. If you wait long enough, some of them may appear in your new magazines – one can only hope!

Happy crafting,




Oldie but goodie

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Don’t you just love browsing through Pinterest? The only thing better than that is older craft magazines. Many of them are on the web. Some of the ideas may be passe`  but the card sketches and techniques are as old as time”. One of my favorite “go to” magazine is Cardmaker. Any of the other holiday issues are on-line. All you have to do is sign up for the newsletter.

I recently read their winter 2016 issue to discover new ways to use wooden gift tags. Now, I’d originally decided to die-cut images and glue them but the article suggested I rubber stamp and emboss.

So, try browsing through those digital magazines folks and learn or ‘re-learn new ways to craft and create.

Happy discoveries,



Are Newsletters useful?

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Before Pinterest and Facebook came along, there were newsletters and blogs. Most craft magazines offered subscriptions to their newsletters and still do. I subscribe to several myself. It is easy to enroll. You just use your email address and specify when you want to receive the content (immediately, weekly or monthly).

It’s interesting to see what people like to read and how many newsletters there are on the web. One day, just out of curiosity, I typed in “Craft newsletters’ on the search line of my browser and behold over 3,240,000 results popped up!

I like to view newsletters for much of the same reasons why I like Pinterest. Techniques, tips and galleries are all found in newsletters. Depending on the theme, you can find a magazine, newsletter or blog that will enhance your particular hobby.

Here are some favorite newsletters that I subscribe to:

Mod Podge Rocks

Betty Crocker

Country Chic Cottage

Chicken Soup for the Soul


Hero Arts


‘Til next time,


Adventures in Card-Making · New Websites to visit

New Web Sites

Dear Fellow Crafters,

Like many crafters, I get a lot of my ideas for projects and cards from magazines, Pinterest and Facebook. Here are some of the ones I found over the summer. Most bloggers have sites with newsletters and of course many “brick and mortar” stores do also.