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A versatile folder and stamp set

Dear Fellow Crafters,

As promised previously, I wanted to share my newest die set and folder that I purchased at Hobby Lobby last week. I am always looking for craft items that can be used in various ways. So when I saw this folder, (Momenta) it just “spoke” to me. The space taken up with “Happy Birthday” can be measured and cut out. You could then stamp or die cut lots of different sentiments-just vary the paper.

Oh, and before I forget, fall crafts will grace this blog for the next few weeks.



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Creating a tree line with a novel idea

Dear Fellow Crafters,

If you’re like me, you look at a new craft idea and wonder why you didn’t think of “that xxyy”  yourself! This idea, to create a tree line with one die cut is not new, what is new is how the designer managed it.

Enjoy! Oh, and btw, check out your favorite craft store. It may be open. Hobby Lobby was open last week in an area near me. Not many shoppers, all wearing masks, Holiday crafts on display already! And sales. Next time we meet up, I’ll share a new, versatile folder and die cut set.


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Create a tree line…

Posted: 17 Aug 2020 10:26 AM PDT Welcome crafty peeps…Vicki, from He”artful” Validation of Vicki sharing an easy way to create a tree line on your card or project using the Lavinia Christmas Tree Group Stamp. Although this stamp is labeled as Christmas, the pine tree design can be used any time of year.

Lavinia Christmas Tree Group Stamp

I created a tree line as the focal point for this CAS Sympathy card…

With Sympathy and Prayers

Slim line cards are all the rage right now. I haven’t made many, but this style worked well for the design that I wanted to create.

The finished card size is 3 1/2″ x 8 1/2″. I cut the cardstock 7″ wide by 8 1/2″ long. Next, I scored at 3 1/2″ on the 7″ side, folded and burnished for a sharp crease.

****I used a stamp platform to create a uniform tree line, moving the stamp while keeping the cardstock stationary with magnets. ***

To finish the card, I inked the background sky, gave the trees more color and added some terrain under them. I double matted with earth tones and used blue stonewash cardstock as the card base.

Featured Dies R Us product… Lavinia Christmas Tree Group Stamp Tim Holtz/Ranger Blueprint Sketch Distress Oxide Ink Tim Holtz/Ranger Frayed Burlap Distress Oxide Ink Tim Holtz/Ranger Peeled Paint Distress Ink Tsukineko/Memento Black Tuxedo Ink

Thanks for stopping by… I hope I’ve inspired you to use die cuts on your creative projects.


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Purple Paper Bead Necklace

Dear Fellow Crafters,

I bet you have a friend who loves the color purple? This article comes from Stampington magazine.


Have you ever embarked on a project, only to find that it is taking twice as long as you thought it would? That is the case with this “simple” paper bead necklace. I figured I would make a few beads and string them on a piece of twine, but my imagination soon got away from me. All the while making it, I knew it would be worth the extra effort to add a few more beads and make a shaped design. Soon there was a tassle, and about 50 beads involved in the process. It’s amazing where your imagination can go if you let it loose!

Purple Paper Beads Necklace Project Directions:
To make it easier to roll the paper, I used paper straws as the base of the bead. You can also use a toothpick or other instrument, then peel the paper beads off the stick when it is time to string them. The paper straws create a much larger hole in the center of the bead, so you will need to size your project accordingly.

With a piece of Artist Paper, mark half inch increments along the edge of the page on both of the longest edges (reverse side only). Connect these half-inch marks to form very long triangles. Use a paper trimmer to cut them out.

Attach the wide end of the strip with gel medium to a paper straw, then twist the remaining paper strip around the straw, adhering with gel medium along the way. I found that you need a very tight wrap in order to get good adhesion with the gel medium. Even with the thinnest layer of glue, I wrapped it tight enough that the gel was leaking out the sides. If this happens, just wipe it away when you have finished wrapping the entire strip.

Allow paper beads to dry completely, then trim away the excess straw with a pair of scissors. If the straw squishes a bit, use a stick or toothpick to reshape the bead.

To assemble the necklace:
I highly recommend that you draw a diagram of your necklace’s shape and count your beads to ensure that you have enough. I also used the diagram while assembling the necklace to mark which beads I had already attached.

[Working from the center bottom of the necklace] Open a jumpring, thread 6 eyepins onto it, and close the ring. For those using a paper straw as the core of your bead, you can close each eyepin at both ends, then thread the paper bead on just before you attach the end to another jumpring. If your paper bead’s hole is smaller than the end of the eyepin, you will need to thread the paper bead, then form the loop at the opposite end.

Continue building on this shape until your entire framework is complete. End each side with a jumpring and attach this to a length of chain. For this necklace, I used the already completed Vintaj necklace chain, and used nippers to cut the finished necklace in half.



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Old is new again

Dear Fellow Crafters,

In the 1970’s there was a fashion fad, that like all fads slowly disappeared. It was called a “bow blouse”. I had two, one in cream and one in white. They were designed so simply and yet so elegantly. They were extremely versatile. You could wear them with a skirt, pants, under a sweater vest, with jeans or with a suit. And then “poof” they were gone. Until last year they reappeared on an actress in a tv show called “Madame Secretary”.They were back and in different colors too.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering what does this fashion fad have to do with crafts? It’s simple. For “some reason” some crafts catch on and others fade away. Fortunately, for us crafters, some of those crafts are reappearing.

For instance, when you were young, did you make paper flowers? I know I did. We used colored tissue paper. See the video below and revisit this crafting idea. Hey, spring will be here before you know it.


Here’s another craft, I bet you forgot-handmade envelopes. This time, using coloring pages. First you will need to color the images. Then using a template or the actual envelope trace around the template, fold in the points and use  double sided tape to hold everything together.

Lastly did you like buttons when you were young? My grandmother has a huge stash of all different sizes, colors and types. I wish I knew what happened to them. I still use ones in my crafting.