Adventures in Card-Making · Tutorial


Dear Fellow Crafters,

Card sketches are blueprints for greeting card designs. That being said, paper crafters always ask the inevitable questions: ” How do I use them?” and “What’s the point?”

Here are some of my thoughts:

  • The background of the card sketch is usually the largest part of the design that is laid down first. Sometimes that’s the card stock itself! The background sets the tone so if you’re creating a birthday card, using a festive background is appropriate.

  • The focal point of a card sketch is sometimes a larger shape or design that reflects the nature of the holiday or design.
  • Accent embellishments are the accent pieces -gems, buttons and the like. Oftentimes, paper crafters go overboard with these elements.

How to begin?

  1. The largest design element in a card sketch is usually the first step in creating the card, so if the card sketch has a large background then that’s the first piece that goes down.
  2. Layering card stock comes next.
  3. The embellishments come last.

**Sometimes a paper crafter will gather all the elements together and stray from the original sketch. This happens to me a lot. Something doesn’t look right, so I ‘re-arrange the elements. How, you ask? Ask yourself:

  • Would the horizontal card work as a vertical one?
  • Could the horizontal or vertical work as a square card?
  • Could you add a sentiment on the front?
  • How many accents are right?

In the example above, the festive paper was glued down first. I cut the banner next and then die-cut the sentiment and glued it onto the banner. The 3D embellishment was last.

~Happy crafting,