Ribbon on cards

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Ribbon adds an extra touch to card making to make them special and unique. Ribbon comes in a variety of colors and textures. I always find it interesting to browse through the aisles at the craft stores to see what’s new. The trick is how to adhere them to the cardstock.

The best way is to use adheshive-backed ribbon, but finding this type can be difficult. Other ways to adhere the ribbon are to use double-stick tape, xyron, book binding glue, glue dots and sewing buttons directly through the ribbon and card stock.

Here are some examples of ribbon cards:

Ribbon and buttonRibbon and card stock



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One thought on “Ribbon on cards

  1. I love ribbon, it’s rare I make a card without it! I tend to attach it using double sided tape as I can’t often find self adhesive ribbon that I like.

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