Adventures in Card-Making

Color and Composition


Color Wheel chart


Dear Fellow Crafters,

Color sets the tone and mood of the art. Knowing how to use color can help in determining the mood you are trying  to create.

Are you aware that the weather and your mood can affect your color choices, even when you’re inside and stamping something unrelated to the weather.

The primary colors of red, blue and yellow are the colors that create all the others. Purple, green orange at made by combining the primary colors. Tints and shades are made by using whites and blacks.

Colors can be labeled warm, cool or neutral.  Orange and yellow are warm colors. Blue, Green, and purple are cool colors. The neutral colors ‘re beige and gray.

“Discovery consists of looking at the same things as everyone else and thinking something different.”

A picture, even  simple one, needs a focal point. The focal point is the main element of a design, where your eyes generally focus first. Perspective, an element in a good composition, is the perception of an object in relation to the distance from the viewer.

Some tips:

  • Off-center your point of interest
  • Use cloud stamps and sponge the sky
  • Look at parts of the stamp as well as the whole image. Some stamps have design elements you can use.

‘Til next time