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Paper Adventure- Choose color

 Sunset over Connecticut


Dear  Fellow Crafters,

” Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky”.

– Rabindranth Fagore

When we first look at a sunset or see a rainbow or a beautiful field of flowers, I don’t think we departmentalize color, hues, or primary or tertiary colors! I believe we are often awe-struck by the beauty of God’s creation.

Some of us have been blessed with an artistic eye and know instinctively what colors match or compliment the art we are creating. But most of us, like me, struggle. We want to draw attention to a certain component or set the tone and are not sure how to do it. I think it helps a lot to remember what the theme and occasion is. The color wheel helps, for sure, but the recipient’ favorite color or the theme’s over-all effect has to be considered.

I recently found an article about the different  colors  and their meanings which helps me when deciding what I need. So here goes:

Red  – the warmest of all colors is often chosen by extroverts and males. We often use red for Valentine’s Day Cards because red symbolizes love.

Pink   is the color of universal love.

Brown  we usually use brown in the fall to represent warmth.

Orange.  means vitality with endurance. People who like orange are usually thoughtful and sincere.

Gold/Silver   Gold symbolizes wealth used wisely but it is also a symbol of good health. Silver is used to give a touch of elegance.

Yellow  means joy and happiness. Yellow is full of creative energy and incidentally, the color of my craft room walls.

Green  is the color of nature and life. It is the color of balance and means learning, growth and harmony.

Blue  is the coolest color the color of the sky, the ocean and twilight.

Purple  This color has been used to symbolize magic and mystery and royalty. If you were a “Harry Potter” fan, you would remember the flags in the Great Hall.  Purple is a color of good judgment.

White  means kindness and purity.

Black  is a strong male color but it is also very formal and elegant.

Grey. is now the “new black” in many fashion circles. It is the symbol for security, maturity, friendship and dependability.

There are hundreds of books printed about color theory/composition and I probably will write another post about composition. Suffice it to say, use color wisely. A helpful analogy is to think of color use in “gallon, quart and pint” measures. Use a “gallon” of your main color, a “quart” of another and a “pint” of the third/fourth colors. Using colors in this way allows the eye to settle on one element of the card at a time.

Happy color crafting!


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