PaperCrafting 101

Paper Crafting 101- Themes and Sketches

Dear Friends,
Just as the theme of the card project determines the type of the paper so to does the composition or sketch of the card. Most of the card themes can be found on my page “Sentiments” so I won’t repeat the list here.
The Basic elements of composition are:
• Focus: Establish a focal point or main element, and balance it with other elements.
• Direction: Create a path of vision that leads the viewer’s eyes to the focal point.
• Balance: Establish balance among the sizes, colors, values and relationships of the design elements.
Sketches are tools that allow card makers to see the design beyond colors and themes. The sketches are basically card patterns. The artist designs the sketch with geometric shapes and usually a color design is included for visual purposes. Two of my favorite sketch books are: “Card Maker’s Sketch Book” edited by Tanya Fox and “Go To Sketches” produced by PaperCrafts. You can also find sketches in Cardmaker magazine.
In summary, the first step in creating a card is to choose the theme. The second is to have a sketch in mind. The third is to gather all the papers together.
In the coming weeks we’ll explore the making of a Christmas card, but unlike some tutorials, we’ll take one element and make several cards using that element.
Next time, we will discuss basic tools and supplies.